Braden Lambiase

I began DJing in February of 2019, working as a volunteer for an elementary school dance, using equipment provided by the school. Following that event, I continued to DJ block parties and barbeques using two Bluetooth speakers, and a DJ controller. I purchased my PA system in December of 2019, to accommodate for my first private event. Following that event, my business expanded as I was hired for multiple dances in the beginning of 2020 and I've been hired for events ever since. As an active member of both Seneca High School's Student Council and Student Government, I've had the privilege to work at a larger scale benefiting Seneca and the community. I began DJing and announcing Seneca's sporting events in 2022, working with the coaches and players to give them an experience like the pros. I enjoy what I do greatly, and I take my work extremely seriously; my goal is to provide a professionally tailored music experience to my clients and their guests.